Sunday, 22 May 2016

Kept You Waiting, Huh?

Holy shit, it's been a long time.

5 years, in fact. 5 long years since the blog has been active. I originally came online out of curiosity. I clicked on the site, and then I noticed something. A little article I did for Metro 2033. You know, the game that was a little wonky, but entirely fascinating? Well, that one article gathered 20,000 views. 20K! Can you imagine?!

The more I looked through the stats and the more I looked at the site, the more I swelled with pride. I'd originally thought that perhaps this site had been a bit of a fools errand, that nobody was reading. But obviously I was wrong.

So, perhaps it's time to spark this up again. Maybe not as insistent and regular as it once was. And maybe a bit more 'talking point' focus. But I feel that burning desire to write once again in my loins.

So maybe I'll keep it up. Maybe I won't. but I have a lot to talk about, including this:

So see you around, yeah? Yeah.

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