Sunday, 28 February 2010

Stick that in your hype.

There's a lot to be said for hype. It can - unfairly, developers would argue - turn a game into an utter disappointment when really it is deserving of praise and positive recognition. But let's get one thing straight: 'hype' isn't something that happens in magazine previews, sneak-peek podcast discussions or screenshot releases. Hype is internal. Hype is all created by us, the people who want to play the game. Whether it's through playing a demo and being convinced the game can live up to it, or through reading other people's impressions and coming to our own conclusions. We make our own beds, and we can't be too upset when they turn out to be lumpy. Or something.

So what's my hype this week? Well, unsurprisingly, it's Heavy Rain. The game is currently installing and I've been sat in front of my PS3 getting far too giddy for my own good. So much so that I started to ask myself why. I think overall it's because I'm expecting a game that I will at least regard as "very good indeed", but surely there's more to it than that? I knew Modern Warfare 2 would be "very good indeed" in a lot of ways, but frankly didn't give a fuck when it was released. And I enjoyed the first one.

I'm starting to think we attach a bit more than just the expectation of a good game to our internal hype engines. Heavy Rain, for example, is the spiritual successor to a game that I and my new group of university friends gathered around for over a week as we took turns playing it, occasionally mocking the acting or story, but always enjoying the experience. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is another game that I'm excited about; not because the shooting feels really natural and rewarding, not because the levelling-up and system and classes are expertly balanced, and not because it's a teamwork-based shooter on large maps. It is all of those things, but that's not why I personally am looking forward to it.

Forcing myself to really meditate what it is that's getting me all in a kerfuffle reveals that it's the social experiences I've enjoyed in previous Battlefield games that add such weight to the games on a personal, emotional level. Yes, I may have only been discussing the latest superhero movie or the hilarity of Man United's most recent defeat, but they were experiences I enjoyed thoroughly. Here I was, doing something that I list as probably my favourite hobby (when the right game is involved), and I was sharing that experience with other people whose only reason to feel any connection to me whatsoever was our mutual enjoyment of something and our ability to have pleasant conversations with strangers.

So the next time one of your friends tells you something was "too overhyped" or "didn't live up to the excitement", give them a swift kick in their friendly parts and scream "You're overhyped!" at a socially unacceptable volume. After all, there's an absolute shit-ton of hype to be found about any game in existence, and it's usually the hypee choosing to filter information about their particular game from the noise of the internet age, that causes this "hype" we speak of.

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Heavy Rain Supplies More Of A Drizzle

Adverts EVERYWHERE. I swear my parents have seen the adverts in between Coronation Street. Youtube are pushing it heavily, it really is being perpetuated by a massive media presence. I suppose I shouldn't of been suprised when yesterday I went into the city, unable to find a single copy of the game in any retailer.

Completely sold out. Everywhere. In modern times, this is amazing. Going off personal experience, most retailers and game companies see a game selling out as a bad thing. There is no real positively good press gained from this, and I'm pretty sure that developer Quantic Dream would much rather give up that notoriety and place the game in the sweaty hands of the waiting masses.

Modern Warfare 2. The most successful game of all time. Not even sold out in the slightest, on any format. The demand was met in spades, with all retailers pushing it hard. Not even relatively niche titles such as Darksiders sold out, with limited stocks. In fact, in the past six months, the only game I can really recall selling out is Just Dance for the Wii. At Christmas time, with the demand of obnoxious mothers and snivelling kids reaching fever pitch, it is to be expected that such tripe shovelware can shift a few units.

But this is different. Sony is pushing the entire console onto the masses with this. 'A revolution in gaming' and 'unlike anything you've ever played before', Sony is playing straight hard-ball with this game, and has made sure that this game absolutely blasts into the stratosphere as far as hype and media attention are concerned. So then, it makes logical sense they would provide more than enough stocks for stores, confident in it's ability to sell well?

If all this is true, then the game is truly selling out, and that is exciting.

My copy is waiting for me at home, and I can't wait. I ended up getting it from Toys R Us. Figured not that many kids are into their hard-boiled, detective quick-time adventures.

Friday, 26 February 2010

If The Power Rangers Did It...

Ok, so if I've learnt anything from these guys, is that a team of five ROCKS...


Here at GainBoy, we've adapted this approach, and in the space of a month, I have been working hard to get some of the finest writing talent to come write for us. And so now there's five of us. All snarky, all opinionated, all positive. With more people writing, more of us will be able to tell you more interesting shit. This is the premise.

So yeah, two new contributors have just been signed up to make us five-strong, and will be writing their first articles for us sooooon. In the meantime Dr Lucian Sanchez, Hopkin Green Frog and myself will carry on chatting nonsense and trying to make some logical points.

Thanks for reading so far!

Human Giant, really really good!!

Hey there boys and gals of internet land. What you doing reading this on a friday evening when you should be out and about. Nevermind, it's a quick one tonight. Just finished watching both seasons of 'Human Giant' featuring my latest man-crush Aziz Ansari. This 'lil dynamite is genius, when you have the time please seek out 'Intimate moments for a sensual evening' for a taste of his stand-up. Very good indeed!

I'm putting him up along side my top current stand up's - Demetri Martin, Zack Galifinakis and Louis C.K (who he shares screen time with in the most excellent, Parks and Recreation.)

Anyway Human Giant (2007 - 2008) was a twisted sketch show played on MTV in America. I stumbled across it by accident on Youtube after searching for some more Ansari goodness. I knew of Paul Scheer from playing the obnoxious Donny the page in 30 Rock and Rob Huebel from bit parts in Upright Citizen's Brigade and the host of 'Milf island' in 30 Rock. To my amazement they had been in a show together, Huzzah!!
Guest spots include 2 of my all time favourite comedians in the form of David Cross and Will Arnett. We all know how much i love those guys (check out the rest of Gainboy for my most excellent blog about Arrested Development)
Plus the bulk of the show is directed by Jason Woliner (Parks and Recreation, U.C.B) so you know your in great hands.

Sketch highlights include - Mother and son moving co. (a woman can only move anything if her little boy is trapped under some furniture, resulting in Hulk style strength)

Reinactment of a reinactment - A actor playing the killer actually shoots someone during a reinactment so a re-reinactment has to take place. Oh, and the camera man is a killer also.

The foley artist - A man who produces sounds for film and T.V creates them by murdering people. Do you know how the sound of a snapping celery stick is made, breaking an old mans neck. An knife in the stomach, well that's a real knife in the stomach of course. You get the picture

So check it out, ebay or Amazon for the first season or download that shit.

Your in for a goooood time. For fans of 'The upright Citizen's Brigade' and 'Big train'

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Vinyl Junkies get their fix. Horror fans dig up classic Italian once-deleted masterpieces. Games are no different. The other day, I had one such moment. A joyous, euphoric find nestled in the second-hand PS2 title of my local CEX shop. I immediately decided it wasn't worthy for the shop, and had to take it home with me:

£8. Okami. Officially better than Cex.

Monday, 22 February 2010

A Forgotten Gem !

Damn, i missed blogging for retro monday (great addition by the Brapscallion.) So instead of hitting you with some 8 or 16bit goodness this week im going to attempt to bring one of THE BEST T.V SHOWS ever created to your attention.
Lets look at the evidence shall we -

It starred the single best ensemble cast brought together for a sit-com, winner of 6 emmys, a golden globe, a place in time magazine's top 100 shows of all time, it launched Micheal Cera's career and introduced the word 'Analrapist' into the english language.
I'm of course talking about the now legendary (and very angrily cancelled) Arrested development

Now a lot has been written about this show, im not reviewing it or taking a look at its troubled history, (well ok; I'am) I'am infact highlighting this lost beacon to all and sundry who have never watched it.
ARE YOU F%$&^*G MAD, seriously, get it, rent it, buy it, download it. . . whatever just make sure this is something that you invest in. I promise your life will have meaning after all 3 seasons have passed by. It won a massive cult following that is still alive today ( make sure your one of those nerds.

ok, so a little about the show

The storyline centre's on the Bluth family, a dysfunctional, formally wealthy unit, at constant battle with each other. But at its base is a show about twisted family love and mad one-up-manship. A riches to rags tale. The warmth that each character brings is mirrored by their contempt for each other. Its Marvellous !
They Present it in a pseudo documentry style format incorporating quick cut aways, narration, hand-held camera work, family photo's and historical snaps.

Sometimes you watch something and think 'ok, that wasn't bad, written well etc but i didnt feel the characters.' This is were AD (cult fan slang) comes into its own, EVERY episode feels like it has 50 different layers to it. I still watch it now years after its dimise and spot something i haven't seen before. A wry smile here, a quick off camera one-liner there. Its incredible how a piece of television can be written so well.

It's been referred to as 'the closest thing to watching a real life simpsons', a must for all comedy fans.
It's blend of insanely good dialogue mixes so well with it's characters. You've got the full spectrum here -

The Central role features Micheal Bluth played to perfection by Jason Bateman, the genuine decent member of the family, the one person who has to keep his troupe together despite materialism, selfishness and good old fashion manipulation.
His son George Micheal (Micheal Cera) is the typical awkward teen, has the same qualities as his dad but feels the constant pressure of everyday life as he tries so desperately to live up to his father's expectations.
Next up is Micheal's father, George Bluth snr the family patriarch (Jeffrey Tambour's finest role.) Who dictatorship still has him controlling every movement of the family from jail.
His wife and micheal's mother Lucille (Jessica Walter) is equally manipulative and just as hyper critical of her special family. Oh yeah, shes a drunk.
Her youngest son, Michael's brother Byron "Buster" Bluth still lives at home with his over protective and crazed mother, despite being in his mid 30's. He is extremely socially inept and is prone to many random panic attacks. Love you Buster.

There's the daughter and sister to Micheal and Buster, Lindsay Funke (the super hot Portia De Rossi, yes i know shes gay) an ultra materialistic, over the top, flamboyant character. Whose constant crave for attention is only outmatched by her idea of wanting to be objectified. Which she hates! Crazy.

Maebe Funke ( the excellent Alia Shawkat) is Lindseys daughter and the complete polar opposite of her cousin George Micheal. School skipper, daily rebel, money stealer. Although a sweet yet attention starved teen, she acts this way because of one very important character i haven't mentioned yet. Kids sometimes become a product of their environment, they can step out of line if their parental unit is dysfunctional or in the Funke tradition - Catastrophic. This leads me neatly to one of two KEY ROLES in the show.

Lindsay's 'husband' and Maebe's father Tobias Funke (played to an astonishing degree by the very very funny Mr David Cross.) He is a blacklisted Psychiatrist 'Anal-Rapist' and along with being a 'never-nude' (seriously you HAVE to watch the show) he has the most tongue in cheek Homosexual overtones ive ever seen. Although the real genius is the fact that Tobias is 100% oblivious to it.

AND 2.
The character that has me torn down the middle to say who is the best in the show, Gob Bluth, pronounced Jobe, the acronym for George Oscar Bluth the 2nd. (Mind blowingly played by Will Arnett.) Failed Magician, first born to Lucille and George snr, Eldest sibling, biggest loser.

BEST PART OF THE SHOW - the segway, Gob (always mispronounced by the other secondary characters) uses this as his mode of transport throughout the entire series, talking to people on it while it's stationary. Gob is always climbing for his parents affection often coming under fire for making the most ridiclous ideas a reality.

The rest of the cast are made up of amazing faces, Henry winkler as the family's always in the wrong lawyer - Barry Zuckerkorn. Scott Baio, Justine Bateman, Liza Minnelli, Carl Weathers (YES!!), Charlize Theron, Parks and Recreation's own Amy Poehler (Will Arnetts real life wife)and Judy Greer combine to create a superb secondary set of characters.

Its Tragic that this show along with A F$%£^&G tonne of other televisual treats have been cut short in their prime. FOX are T$%TS, fact!! They axe this, they axed Family guy, Futurama, Firefly, Tru calling, The Tick, and Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicles. BUNCH OF ARSEHOLES !!

Arrested Development was all to aware of its inpending culling as during the last couple of episodes of its last series, the writers and the cast began poking fun and taking jabs at FOX. I'll tell you, its weird to see, a Show literally begging for its life. Its very cleverly done however, as its woven into the writing of each scene.


Please, please seek out this superb show, but don't do it for me, do it for everyone else who has never watched it or maybe never even heard of it. Feel amazingly superior after watching it, spread the word of Bluth. Besides there is a film of it in production . . . .THATS RIGHT!!!

A movie of all this, to quote tobias 'BOOOYAA!!'

So rant over, rest up now dr sanchez and ease yourself into watching it all again on DVD from Season 1. AAAAHHHH (deep sigh)
Click on these for instant Bluth satisfaction all of these are a must see

Retro Mondays: Actraiser (SNES)

Game 1. Actraiser.

What a curious little game this is. Made in 1990 by Enix (Now currently in bed with Squaresoft, making the slightly popular Final Fantasy series), this game was something else. Part side-scrolling Platform/Brawler, part Populous. This game was a very weird combination, and one that I personally enjoyed greatly.

The whole concept of the game was based on being a god, and trying to sort out a world full of monsters and evil things, meanwhile dealing with simple townfolk, who constantly need direction. Basically like an outsider going to Blackpool.

The platform fighting bit involved inhabiting the living statue of a sword-wielding badass, and storming through some haunted wood/ruined temple/whatever, and having a ruck with a boss at the end. Personally, as a 13 year-old chap, these levels were HARD. I've never been a gamer of great skill, and some of these levels have me cringing with horror, even now. That FLIPPING Centaur with the spear towards the start of the game used to wind me up no end. Here's the jerk:

What. A. Douche. Look at the dude on that screen. 2 health left, can't even get close. You have very few special powers at this stage too, so it makes it a right ballache. But I persevered, and for very good reason.

When you're not battling ManHorseBeastsFromHell or other weird multi-coloured specimens of Greek Mythology, you're in Sim mode. For some reason unbeknown to my level of rationality, you play an angel, wandering around chatting to villagers, and helping them set up shop, making villages flourish through whatever means you deem necessary.

Everything stands in your way. Giant bats that steal people, Snow blocking the progress of civilization, and volcanos causing a right ruckus. You're job as the overly-cute angel is to be a middle-man, sorting the problems, and speaking with the villagers. As they progressed, so did the buildings, and you saw it happening before you omniscient eyes. For an older game with a lot going on, the Sim aspect of the game was suprisingly deep.

Here was a game that was special. It was a gateway game. One that introduced to me to Sim games, and one that rightfully deserves it's place in the history of gaming. It had the charm, it hand the uniqueness and it contained the essence of a game willing to take risks, and ambitious in it's storytelling. It really captured my young imagination, and I'm sure it did the same for many people my age.

And the best news? It's on Virtual Console.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Retro Mondays

Speaking with friends, I was suprised about how all our game uprbringings were different. Upon reflection, it's hardly suprising. As youngsters, most of us had few options for games. Less advertising, less word of mouth and less media meant our decisions weren't as well-informed. We also didn't have the luxury of buying games on a regular basis, and most of us relied on Christmas and Birthdays to furnish us with those cartridges of joy. With such limited choice and access to games, a lot of us missed some absolute gems.

So when I had a recent conversation with other enthusiasts, imagine my horror when not only had they never played of some of my treasured childhood games, they'd often never even HEARD of them!

Same goes with films, and TV. We all grew up our own way, and some of us might have missed some absolutely unmissable media.

This will not do.

So every Monday, to cheer up the back-to-work ethos of us all, Gainboy will speak about nothing but Retro. We'll reignite some good 'ol fashioned nostalgia, and maybe sneak in a few games into your retro must-play pile.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Aliens vs Predator- Final Thoughts

OK, so I'm pretty much at the end of the Predator missions, halfway through the Marine storyline and about a quarter of the way through the Alien route. I think this grants me enough knowledge to draw fairly accurate conclusions on the game.

I am dissappointed.

We can talk about the technical shit until the cows come home if you want. The auto-aim being terrible, the monster closets, the level layouts being poor, boring environments and poor control scheme. But that's not the point. The Darkness had it's problems, but did that stop anyone loving it? No. The point here is the game, and the source material on which it should be based.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the game was actually based on the films? Following the storylines, putting into virtual glory the cultural touchstones the films hit on upon us. Imagine an ensemble-cast survival-horror/action game. Imagine BEING Arnie, and watching your team disappearing around you, as you have encounters with the Alien, whilst fighting the Colombians in the jungle. Doesn't that just sound like the absolute BALLS? Running around, with a team, and watching them slowly meet their grizzly fate. Or Imagine being the Predator in the jungle, picking off a team one-by-one.

I think my main problem with games of this nature is the gap between the source material, and the game. The source material bases itself on the nature of horror, and of tenseness, and that whole survival instinct. The fact that conflict isn't wanted, but escape is.

The games have never replicated this. They've turned them into mass-murder gorefests, with no emphasis or emotions in the deaths. Racking up kills isn't what the franchises are about, at all. It baffles me that Rebellion have decided to take this approach. Over-powered Marines, under-powered Predator. This is a game which is resting clearly on it's laurels. A game that doesn't need to overperform, because of the franchise it's sitting on.

As so many other sites have said, so much potential, just not enough execution. Ah well.

Aliens vs Predator- Kinda Sucks

Ok, so playing through it slowly, but it really isn't filling me with desire. It isn't all bad though, it certainly isn't "Game Over man, it's Game Over!"...

The Marine Missions (so far, I'm about 30% through) are TERRIFYING. Atmospheric, dark, tense, and the motion tracker is a sound that haunts me to this day from my childhood. The introductory missions are good, and provide a real build-up to just how powerful the Aliens can be, and how reluctant you should feel about fighting them.

The other two though, I'm less keen on. I've tried them both, and whilst the Alien missions are interesting at the start, you feel so underpowered. Same with the Predator, you just don't feel like a bad-ass.

I'm currently not hating it, and am keen to continue, but it's not wowing me. I hope it does.

Friday, 19 February 2010

I Want To Rub Your Moustache, Ron

I didn’t like the Office. I’m sorry. I’d go as far as to say I loathed it, gritting my teeth with rage every time someone was bleating on about how it redefined comedy, how Ricky Gervais was a comedy genius (do you people remember the 11 O Clock Show?) and how it was practically a new genre of comedic wonder. Yeah, whatever.

However, The Office got ported off Stateside, where it found new stars, and more importantly something that it lacked in the UK version... a bit of heart. I’ve started to catch up with the US Office, and it’s made me realise what I hated about the original, as the new writing and new cast give it warmth, and although you still cringe at the awfulness of the things that happen, it happens to people you enjoy watching and care about.

All of this preamble leads me to what I actually want to talk about, which isn’t the Office at all, but follows that same documentary-of-the-uncomfortable style. I mean, of course, Parks And Recreation, now well into its second season in the US. A fantastic cast of relative unknowns, led by SNL’s Amy Pohler run the parks department in the local government of Pawnee. I’m not going to tell you what goes on, not because it would spoil the fun... it’s just that the situations are pretty much irrelevant in a show that is so well held up by its characters.

Top of the pile is Leslie Knope (Pohler), who is ludicrously enthusiastic, unfathomably moral, and holds on to her impossible dreams and ambitions with crazed fervour. For the first few episodes, it seems that she’ll be terribly annoying, but somehow the opposite happens. Despite her many failings, Leslie Knope is played as being basically sweet, and always trying to do the right thing by herself, her friends, and her city. It’s a testament to Pohler’s talent that it works so well, and it’s the core of the warmth and heart of the show.

“Bah, warmth and heart? Bollocks to that!”, some might say. We want our comedy mean and dark and cruel. Well tough, that’s not the P&R way. While the mockumentary style is lifted directly from The Office, I think this show has something different at its core, and the only comparison I can make in terms of how it feels is that it’s like The Good Life (which, if you haven’t watched it, stop reading now, go and find it somewhere, and watch it). It’s an old-fashioned comedy in a new-fangled style. The characters are people to celebrate, and the problems they face (with inevitable hi-jinks and hilarious consequences) are what make them, and by association the show, loveable.

So there you have it, you haven’t even met these people yet, but I urge you to do so – and as the second season progresses, the show has really found itself, with the supporting cast really getting their chance to shine (of particular note is the ongoing relationship between Andy and April), and there are some great third-tier performances from Louis CK and... er... that woman with the squeaky voice from Will & Grace. Rather than facing the dreaded second season slump, Parks And Recreation is only getting better as the writers and cast push out more of the potential from their characters, so really, go and watch it right away – you’ll see that uncomfortable comedy doesn’t have to be mean comedy.

If nothing else, you can bask in the mighty glory of Ron Swanson’s moustache. GOD DAMN IT’S BIG.

Aliens vs Predator- Please Don't Suck

I've just realised that we're pretty much a Wii blog, after reading the last few entries! Haha! We're not at all. Nothing could be further than the truth, I think that perhaps that me and the Dr just have some strong views about that little white box that needed airing! Anyway, Today AVP is released, and I am scared...

I am scared, because the probability for this being a bag of shite is high on the dross-o-meter. Let's think about it. Shoddy multiplayer demo, a metacritic rating of 66 and a high-impact press campaign all show signs of a game that could be in trouble. I hope not. IGN gave it 85 though, and I love both franchises, so I am excited, and also terrified at how they've treated both precious teenage memories.

I hope the game is this scary. Then I'll have nothing to worry about!

The Wii- The Nes of Today.

Look at those gimps up there in that picture. Look at their put-on, advertising faces. Why is the dad crouching? What fucking game are they playing, for them all to look like such idiots? I'll be honest, I don't like the Wii. Until this week, when I visited family and played one properly for the first time.

After working at a well-known games retailer over Christmas, I learnt very quickly to identify the 'Wii Customer'. Family, clueless and often buying shovel-ware of the lowest order, or looking to buy 'that game where Ant and Dec mess about'. It's fair to say that the Wii has a completely different fanbase than that of the other 2 consoles. But after some serious thought, I think the Wii's installed base is the truest to gaming, and the real hardcore.

Think about it. When the original Nintendo Entertainment System was released (God bless you little Nes), the emphasis was on fun, family, and playing together. It was about playing Mario with your dad, it was about travelling to your cousins house who lived far away, instantly finding common ground by sticking on California Games and playing Hackey-Sack, it was about getting Snake, Rattle & Roll off your dad for Christmas, as well as the rest of the family gathering round and being impressed by Duck Hunt.

Many purists consider the Nes to be hardcore gaming at it's finest, and so by this rationale, I put forward the Wii to be in a similar vein, and a hardcore games console. It isn't for me, personally, but it is bringing families into gaming, it is getting a younger generation on board, and it is the only way I can get my Aunty to play computer games, even if it is virtual frisbee.

The Xbox and Playstation are all well and good for the next-level, the console for the people who played the Nes, and understand the fundamentals and mechanics and games, but what about those who are looking for a way in? We had it easy with the Nes, and up until the Wii, it was a pretty self-contained hobby. No longer.

I don't like the Wii. I don't like it's laziness, it's catalogue of shoddy games, but god-damn do I respect it. It's single-handedly saving our hobby from engulfing itself in it's own cliqueness. God bless you Nintendo, for being weird, for being different, and for taking all the money in the known universe. You've earnt it.

Monday, 15 February 2010

What Kind of Bear is Best?

False. Black Bear.

Series 6 of The American Office currently rocking mine and Dr. Sanchez's world. Full synopsis will no doubt soon come, as I can think of little else more exciting than discussing a televisual masterpiece.

Shovel Ware Shovelling

I've just got back from a weekend break from Edinburgh, where my patient girlfriend had to earn her Topshop Bag-Holding time by helping me scour the second-hand game shops for bargains, but what a crock of shite!

Recently, I've noticed the quality of second-hand, last-gen games dip beyond all recognition. The amount of times I've walked into a Gamestation or CEX, only to be confronted by a 12-strong Gamecube section, filled with such delights as Rayman, or XXX BMX. Geeeez. How much must they get for trading that in?!?! 50p? Yet still the shelves are full of it!

Complete respect to the Edinburgh Gamestation. They had a retro floor, full of older titles, and even boxed Gameboy games, which is always lovely to see. But am I asking too much to find a little PS2 copy of 'Ico' tucked away? I think not!

Maybe this is the eBay effect. The people owning these games anyway are clearly knowledgeable enough to know that they'll get more for it on the 'bay than trading it in to 'the man' for a couple of quid. Shame, as I REALLY don't want to be spending 60 quid on that Gamecube copy of Twilight Princess...

Friday, 12 February 2010

To Wii or not to Wii?

2nd Blog in, lets see how it goes.

Now this is a rant about the general public still Wii bashing in regards to amount of poop that's been released for it.
Now i can call a spade a spade and yes there has been a fair 'ol amount of poopins that has grace Nintendo white cash machine but I'm here today to point out the sweet chunky nuggets of gold!!

"God the Wii's shit, theirs nothing out for it" Ive heard Johnny Joe public cry, like any console 90% of titles released onto any platform are indeed shit. The good stuff finds itself cast aside to make room for e.g little land pet shop snuggle-bumfarm 2, the REALLY good stuff never gets a) released in this country and b) if it does you've gotta hunt to find it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!!
Wheres the marketing for these gems Nintendo, you say you're old school, true to the fans and yes i know that companies have got to make profit and everyone bows to the mighty dollar but COME ON!.

Check these =

  • Okami - Amazing Delicious Japanese style, nobody bought it.

  • A Boy and his Blob - brilliant re imagining of the NES classic, didn't sell

  • Madworld - gory, grizzly, nasty, bloody aahhh nope

  • Murimasa : The Demon Blade - wow! gorgeous amazing graphics, mmm nothing

  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - We needed this shot in the beat'em up arm, they didn't !!

  • Dead space extraction - great on rails title, scary game, an even scarier amount sold

  • House of the Dead : Overkill - like a superb tarantino movie, that no-one watched

  • Little king's story : intriguing attractive RPG that dropped off the earth

  • Deadly Creatures - This creative but odd title had promise but disappeared.

I do love deep and challenging games which the Wii has offered with mainstream success, the likes of New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy have kept me going, but i do like to take bites out of niche titles now and then. My small list of gems mentioned above are the types are things that we need to encourage Wii owners to seek out.

These unique Wii only titles are becoming a double edged sword for the platform. 3rd parties are releasing these ditties onto a console which people are only buying for plastic boards and generic sports games. At the same time losing money hand over fist as they don't sell as well as their flashy 1st party brothers.

In summary we now know which direction Nintendo has chosen - how long have we got until these hidden treats are no longer available to us in shiny white boxes. Just a matter of time. So i ask you - find the games that matter, buy them, enjoy them make the Wii a console that counts for something.

At least No More Heroes 2 is out soon ( ahh poo, Q3 but still)

Long live the Wii in 2010 !!!

The Genius of Demetri Martin

Wow, first post... the post that hurts the most!!

Firstly I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to James/Gainboy for this rant and for the ones that will follow. Its a short rant for my opening monologue so it'll be short and sweet. A taster!

OK I want to bring one man to your attention, Demetri Martin. I love him. This is me saying to anyone who reads this you should invest in the time to watch his AMAZING standup gig 'Person' and his subsequent sketch show (now in it's 2nd season) Important things with Demetri Martin.

Each week the show focuses on 1 aspect of life, the brain, Chairs, Power and Coolness are just some of the targets for Martins unique outlook on life.

I urge everyone to track down everything this guys been in, watch it, love him, watch it again and then realize how clever he is and how true to life all his obsevations are.

So guys i really hope you enjoyed my very first ever blog, told you it would be short and sweet.

More soon

Robert Ashley vs Hot Chip

Twitter is a marvellous thing. Full of people telling you what they had for dinner, bragging about their baller lifestyle and going on THE BEST NIGHTS OUT EVA!!!11!! What it's missing, though, is beef. Good old-fashioned snap-judgement statements.

Cue Robert Ashley, former 1up and GFW contributor, and current producer of the excellent 'A Life Well Wasted' podcast, laying into Geek-Pop outfit Hot Chip. Recently reposting an article on Pitchfork about them, he called them 'the Spinal Tap of Pop'. Others followed suit, and accused them of being 'unbelievable, especially if they're taking themselves seriously'.

Hot Chip somehow saw this, and Joe Goddard, one-half of the songwriting team, waded in. With suprisingly good grace. Goddard commented on Ashley's 'Twitter-Bitching' by complementing him on his band, I Come To Shanghai. The two then worked out their differences by mutual backslapping, and are now the best of friends.

Twitter. Uniting unlikely geek couples throughout the world

Dante's Inferno- Half Finished?

So yeah, Dante's Inferno.

I bought this game on a complete whim. I had some money left on my Gamestation card, and I thought it'd be worth a shot. Was it? Kinda.

However, it is SO LAZY in it's final stages. The final bosses, the final level designs, the in-between platforming sections. It's just...incomplete. The final, final boss is a complete let-down. No spoilers, natch, but the initial Overseers of Hell are fantastic. Minos, Cleopatra, Antony. All fantastically done, and on a par with obvious influence God of War, but as the game progresses, it gets worse.

Visceral Games, this isn't how it's done.