Friday, 26 February 2010

Human Giant, really really good!!

Hey there boys and gals of internet land. What you doing reading this on a friday evening when you should be out and about. Nevermind, it's a quick one tonight. Just finished watching both seasons of 'Human Giant' featuring my latest man-crush Aziz Ansari. This 'lil dynamite is genius, when you have the time please seek out 'Intimate moments for a sensual evening' for a taste of his stand-up. Very good indeed!

I'm putting him up along side my top current stand up's - Demetri Martin, Zack Galifinakis and Louis C.K (who he shares screen time with in the most excellent, Parks and Recreation.)

Anyway Human Giant (2007 - 2008) was a twisted sketch show played on MTV in America. I stumbled across it by accident on Youtube after searching for some more Ansari goodness. I knew of Paul Scheer from playing the obnoxious Donny the page in 30 Rock and Rob Huebel from bit parts in Upright Citizen's Brigade and the host of 'Milf island' in 30 Rock. To my amazement they had been in a show together, Huzzah!!
Guest spots include 2 of my all time favourite comedians in the form of David Cross and Will Arnett. We all know how much i love those guys (check out the rest of Gainboy for my most excellent blog about Arrested Development)
Plus the bulk of the show is directed by Jason Woliner (Parks and Recreation, U.C.B) so you know your in great hands.

Sketch highlights include - Mother and son moving co. (a woman can only move anything if her little boy is trapped under some furniture, resulting in Hulk style strength)

Reinactment of a reinactment - A actor playing the killer actually shoots someone during a reinactment so a re-reinactment has to take place. Oh, and the camera man is a killer also.

The foley artist - A man who produces sounds for film and T.V creates them by murdering people. Do you know how the sound of a snapping celery stick is made, breaking an old mans neck. An knife in the stomach, well that's a real knife in the stomach of course. You get the picture

So check it out, ebay or Amazon for the first season or download that shit.

Your in for a goooood time. For fans of 'The upright Citizen's Brigade' and 'Big train'

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