Sunday, 21 February 2010

Retro Mondays

Speaking with friends, I was suprised about how all our game uprbringings were different. Upon reflection, it's hardly suprising. As youngsters, most of us had few options for games. Less advertising, less word of mouth and less media meant our decisions weren't as well-informed. We also didn't have the luxury of buying games on a regular basis, and most of us relied on Christmas and Birthdays to furnish us with those cartridges of joy. With such limited choice and access to games, a lot of us missed some absolute gems.

So when I had a recent conversation with other enthusiasts, imagine my horror when not only had they never played of some of my treasured childhood games, they'd often never even HEARD of them!

Same goes with films, and TV. We all grew up our own way, and some of us might have missed some absolutely unmissable media.

This will not do.

So every Monday, to cheer up the back-to-work ethos of us all, Gainboy will speak about nothing but Retro. We'll reignite some good 'ol fashioned nostalgia, and maybe sneak in a few games into your retro must-play pile.

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