Monday, 15 February 2010

Shovel Ware Shovelling

I've just got back from a weekend break from Edinburgh, where my patient girlfriend had to earn her Topshop Bag-Holding time by helping me scour the second-hand game shops for bargains, but what a crock of shite!

Recently, I've noticed the quality of second-hand, last-gen games dip beyond all recognition. The amount of times I've walked into a Gamestation or CEX, only to be confronted by a 12-strong Gamecube section, filled with such delights as Rayman, or XXX BMX. Geeeez. How much must they get for trading that in?!?! 50p? Yet still the shelves are full of it!

Complete respect to the Edinburgh Gamestation. They had a retro floor, full of older titles, and even boxed Gameboy games, which is always lovely to see. But am I asking too much to find a little PS2 copy of 'Ico' tucked away? I think not!

Maybe this is the eBay effect. The people owning these games anyway are clearly knowledgeable enough to know that they'll get more for it on the 'bay than trading it in to 'the man' for a couple of quid. Shame, as I REALLY don't want to be spending 60 quid on that Gamecube copy of Twilight Princess...

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  1. Amen to this!

    I'm optimistic to a Stevie Wonder level on expecting to find Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes on Gamecube in Cex or anywhere for an attractive price.

    eBay fetches like £60.

    To be a hypocrit though, there are times when I've sometimes see a game that I know is rare going for cheap, and I've bought simply to eBay for the profit. Shame on me.

    Also, keeping it local, 3-4 years ago I picked up a Sega Megadrive, boxed, with quite a few games from the Lancashire Evening Post's "Quids In", for about £15. Bargain! Although the house I had to get it from some crazy old guy who had too many budgies and a hallway full of Trill bird food.