Friday, 26 February 2010

If The Power Rangers Did It...

Ok, so if I've learnt anything from these guys, is that a team of five ROCKS...


Here at GainBoy, we've adapted this approach, and in the space of a month, I have been working hard to get some of the finest writing talent to come write for us. And so now there's five of us. All snarky, all opinionated, all positive. With more people writing, more of us will be able to tell you more interesting shit. This is the premise.

So yeah, two new contributors have just been signed up to make us five-strong, and will be writing their first articles for us sooooon. In the meantime Dr Lucian Sanchez, Hopkin Green Frog and myself will carry on chatting nonsense and trying to make some logical points.

Thanks for reading so far!

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