Friday, 19 February 2010

Aliens vs Predator- Please Don't Suck

I've just realised that we're pretty much a Wii blog, after reading the last few entries! Haha! We're not at all. Nothing could be further than the truth, I think that perhaps that me and the Dr just have some strong views about that little white box that needed airing! Anyway, Today AVP is released, and I am scared...

I am scared, because the probability for this being a bag of shite is high on the dross-o-meter. Let's think about it. Shoddy multiplayer demo, a metacritic rating of 66 and a high-impact press campaign all show signs of a game that could be in trouble. I hope not. IGN gave it 85 though, and I love both franchises, so I am excited, and also terrified at how they've treated both precious teenage memories.

I hope the game is this scary. Then I'll have nothing to worry about!

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