Sunday, 28 February 2010

Heavy Rain Supplies More Of A Drizzle

Adverts EVERYWHERE. I swear my parents have seen the adverts in between Coronation Street. Youtube are pushing it heavily, it really is being perpetuated by a massive media presence. I suppose I shouldn't of been suprised when yesterday I went into the city, unable to find a single copy of the game in any retailer.

Completely sold out. Everywhere. In modern times, this is amazing. Going off personal experience, most retailers and game companies see a game selling out as a bad thing. There is no real positively good press gained from this, and I'm pretty sure that developer Quantic Dream would much rather give up that notoriety and place the game in the sweaty hands of the waiting masses.

Modern Warfare 2. The most successful game of all time. Not even sold out in the slightest, on any format. The demand was met in spades, with all retailers pushing it hard. Not even relatively niche titles such as Darksiders sold out, with limited stocks. In fact, in the past six months, the only game I can really recall selling out is Just Dance for the Wii. At Christmas time, with the demand of obnoxious mothers and snivelling kids reaching fever pitch, it is to be expected that such tripe shovelware can shift a few units.

But this is different. Sony is pushing the entire console onto the masses with this. 'A revolution in gaming' and 'unlike anything you've ever played before', Sony is playing straight hard-ball with this game, and has made sure that this game absolutely blasts into the stratosphere as far as hype and media attention are concerned. So then, it makes logical sense they would provide more than enough stocks for stores, confident in it's ability to sell well?

If all this is true, then the game is truly selling out, and that is exciting.

My copy is waiting for me at home, and I can't wait. I ended up getting it from Toys R Us. Figured not that many kids are into their hard-boiled, detective quick-time adventures.

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