Friday, 12 February 2010

To Wii or not to Wii?

2nd Blog in, lets see how it goes.

Now this is a rant about the general public still Wii bashing in regards to amount of poop that's been released for it.
Now i can call a spade a spade and yes there has been a fair 'ol amount of poopins that has grace Nintendo white cash machine but I'm here today to point out the sweet chunky nuggets of gold!!

"God the Wii's shit, theirs nothing out for it" Ive heard Johnny Joe public cry, like any console 90% of titles released onto any platform are indeed shit. The good stuff finds itself cast aside to make room for e.g little land pet shop snuggle-bumfarm 2, the REALLY good stuff never gets a) released in this country and b) if it does you've gotta hunt to find it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!!
Wheres the marketing for these gems Nintendo, you say you're old school, true to the fans and yes i know that companies have got to make profit and everyone bows to the mighty dollar but COME ON!.

Check these =

  • Okami - Amazing Delicious Japanese style, nobody bought it.

  • A Boy and his Blob - brilliant re imagining of the NES classic, didn't sell

  • Madworld - gory, grizzly, nasty, bloody aahhh nope

  • Murimasa : The Demon Blade - wow! gorgeous amazing graphics, mmm nothing

  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - We needed this shot in the beat'em up arm, they didn't !!

  • Dead space extraction - great on rails title, scary game, an even scarier amount sold

  • House of the Dead : Overkill - like a superb tarantino movie, that no-one watched

  • Little king's story : intriguing attractive RPG that dropped off the earth

  • Deadly Creatures - This creative but odd title had promise but disappeared.

I do love deep and challenging games which the Wii has offered with mainstream success, the likes of New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy have kept me going, but i do like to take bites out of niche titles now and then. My small list of gems mentioned above are the types are things that we need to encourage Wii owners to seek out.

These unique Wii only titles are becoming a double edged sword for the platform. 3rd parties are releasing these ditties onto a console which people are only buying for plastic boards and generic sports games. At the same time losing money hand over fist as they don't sell as well as their flashy 1st party brothers.

In summary we now know which direction Nintendo has chosen - how long have we got until these hidden treats are no longer available to us in shiny white boxes. Just a matter of time. So i ask you - find the games that matter, buy them, enjoy them make the Wii a console that counts for something.

At least No More Heroes 2 is out soon ( ahh poo, Q3 but still)

Long live the Wii in 2010 !!!

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