Friday, 12 February 2010

Robert Ashley vs Hot Chip

Twitter is a marvellous thing. Full of people telling you what they had for dinner, bragging about their baller lifestyle and going on THE BEST NIGHTS OUT EVA!!!11!! What it's missing, though, is beef. Good old-fashioned snap-judgement statements.

Cue Robert Ashley, former 1up and GFW contributor, and current producer of the excellent 'A Life Well Wasted' podcast, laying into Geek-Pop outfit Hot Chip. Recently reposting an article on Pitchfork about them, he called them 'the Spinal Tap of Pop'. Others followed suit, and accused them of being 'unbelievable, especially if they're taking themselves seriously'.

Hot Chip somehow saw this, and Joe Goddard, one-half of the songwriting team, waded in. With suprisingly good grace. Goddard commented on Ashley's 'Twitter-Bitching' by complementing him on his band, I Come To Shanghai. The two then worked out their differences by mutual backslapping, and are now the best of friends.

Twitter. Uniting unlikely geek couples throughout the world

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