Friday, 12 February 2010

The Genius of Demetri Martin

Wow, first post... the post that hurts the most!!

Firstly I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to James/Gainboy for this rant and for the ones that will follow. Its a short rant for my opening monologue so it'll be short and sweet. A taster!

OK I want to bring one man to your attention, Demetri Martin. I love him. This is me saying to anyone who reads this you should invest in the time to watch his AMAZING standup gig 'Person' and his subsequent sketch show (now in it's 2nd season) Important things with Demetri Martin.

Each week the show focuses on 1 aspect of life, the brain, Chairs, Power and Coolness are just some of the targets for Martins unique outlook on life.

I urge everyone to track down everything this guys been in, watch it, love him, watch it again and then realize how clever he is and how true to life all his obsevations are.

So guys i really hope you enjoyed my very first ever blog, told you it would be short and sweet.

More soon


  1. Season 2 is out soon. Demetri is awesome!

    Saw him in an ep of Flight of the Conchords, wikipedia'd him, saw Important Things, epic!

  2. Based on this recommendation, I've got hold of all the episodes so far. Really very good indeed, good call.