Monday, 22 February 2010

A Forgotten Gem !

Damn, i missed blogging for retro monday (great addition by the Brapscallion.) So instead of hitting you with some 8 or 16bit goodness this week im going to attempt to bring one of THE BEST T.V SHOWS ever created to your attention.
Lets look at the evidence shall we -

It starred the single best ensemble cast brought together for a sit-com, winner of 6 emmys, a golden globe, a place in time magazine's top 100 shows of all time, it launched Micheal Cera's career and introduced the word 'Analrapist' into the english language.
I'm of course talking about the now legendary (and very angrily cancelled) Arrested development

Now a lot has been written about this show, im not reviewing it or taking a look at its troubled history, (well ok; I'am) I'am infact highlighting this lost beacon to all and sundry who have never watched it.
ARE YOU F%$&^*G MAD, seriously, get it, rent it, buy it, download it. . . whatever just make sure this is something that you invest in. I promise your life will have meaning after all 3 seasons have passed by. It won a massive cult following that is still alive today ( make sure your one of those nerds.

ok, so a little about the show

The storyline centre's on the Bluth family, a dysfunctional, formally wealthy unit, at constant battle with each other. But at its base is a show about twisted family love and mad one-up-manship. A riches to rags tale. The warmth that each character brings is mirrored by their contempt for each other. Its Marvellous !
They Present it in a pseudo documentry style format incorporating quick cut aways, narration, hand-held camera work, family photo's and historical snaps.

Sometimes you watch something and think 'ok, that wasn't bad, written well etc but i didnt feel the characters.' This is were AD (cult fan slang) comes into its own, EVERY episode feels like it has 50 different layers to it. I still watch it now years after its dimise and spot something i haven't seen before. A wry smile here, a quick off camera one-liner there. Its incredible how a piece of television can be written so well.

It's been referred to as 'the closest thing to watching a real life simpsons', a must for all comedy fans.
It's blend of insanely good dialogue mixes so well with it's characters. You've got the full spectrum here -

The Central role features Micheal Bluth played to perfection by Jason Bateman, the genuine decent member of the family, the one person who has to keep his troupe together despite materialism, selfishness and good old fashion manipulation.
His son George Micheal (Micheal Cera) is the typical awkward teen, has the same qualities as his dad but feels the constant pressure of everyday life as he tries so desperately to live up to his father's expectations.
Next up is Micheal's father, George Bluth snr the family patriarch (Jeffrey Tambour's finest role.) Who dictatorship still has him controlling every movement of the family from jail.
His wife and micheal's mother Lucille (Jessica Walter) is equally manipulative and just as hyper critical of her special family. Oh yeah, shes a drunk.
Her youngest son, Michael's brother Byron "Buster" Bluth still lives at home with his over protective and crazed mother, despite being in his mid 30's. He is extremely socially inept and is prone to many random panic attacks. Love you Buster.

There's the daughter and sister to Micheal and Buster, Lindsay Funke (the super hot Portia De Rossi, yes i know shes gay) an ultra materialistic, over the top, flamboyant character. Whose constant crave for attention is only outmatched by her idea of wanting to be objectified. Which she hates! Crazy.

Maebe Funke ( the excellent Alia Shawkat) is Lindseys daughter and the complete polar opposite of her cousin George Micheal. School skipper, daily rebel, money stealer. Although a sweet yet attention starved teen, she acts this way because of one very important character i haven't mentioned yet. Kids sometimes become a product of their environment, they can step out of line if their parental unit is dysfunctional or in the Funke tradition - Catastrophic. This leads me neatly to one of two KEY ROLES in the show.

Lindsay's 'husband' and Maebe's father Tobias Funke (played to an astonishing degree by the very very funny Mr David Cross.) He is a blacklisted Psychiatrist 'Anal-Rapist' and along with being a 'never-nude' (seriously you HAVE to watch the show) he has the most tongue in cheek Homosexual overtones ive ever seen. Although the real genius is the fact that Tobias is 100% oblivious to it.

AND 2.
The character that has me torn down the middle to say who is the best in the show, Gob Bluth, pronounced Jobe, the acronym for George Oscar Bluth the 2nd. (Mind blowingly played by Will Arnett.) Failed Magician, first born to Lucille and George snr, Eldest sibling, biggest loser.

BEST PART OF THE SHOW - the segway, Gob (always mispronounced by the other secondary characters) uses this as his mode of transport throughout the entire series, talking to people on it while it's stationary. Gob is always climbing for his parents affection often coming under fire for making the most ridiclous ideas a reality.

The rest of the cast are made up of amazing faces, Henry winkler as the family's always in the wrong lawyer - Barry Zuckerkorn. Scott Baio, Justine Bateman, Liza Minnelli, Carl Weathers (YES!!), Charlize Theron, Parks and Recreation's own Amy Poehler (Will Arnetts real life wife)and Judy Greer combine to create a superb secondary set of characters.

Its Tragic that this show along with A F$%£^&G tonne of other televisual treats have been cut short in their prime. FOX are T$%TS, fact!! They axe this, they axed Family guy, Futurama, Firefly, Tru calling, The Tick, and Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicles. BUNCH OF ARSEHOLES !!

Arrested Development was all to aware of its inpending culling as during the last couple of episodes of its last series, the writers and the cast began poking fun and taking jabs at FOX. I'll tell you, its weird to see, a Show literally begging for its life. Its very cleverly done however, as its woven into the writing of each scene.


Please, please seek out this superb show, but don't do it for me, do it for everyone else who has never watched it or maybe never even heard of it. Feel amazingly superior after watching it, spread the word of Bluth. Besides there is a film of it in production . . . .THATS RIGHT!!!

A movie of all this, to quote tobias 'BOOOYAA!!'

So rant over, rest up now dr sanchez and ease yourself into watching it all again on DVD from Season 1. AAAAHHHH (deep sigh)
Click on these for instant Bluth satisfaction all of these are a must see

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