Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Yellow is the new Red...

Today, I've witnessed the heartbreak I had yet to taste. Numerous friends have been through it, countless others have retold tales of horror and dismay. And today it finally happened to me. My console died. The old girl had been going strong for 2 years strong, and has never given me any problems. But today, the lights flashed, and that was it. I looked at my Xbox, and turned it on and played some Bioshock to forget.

Yep, my Playstation 3 died, whilst my older Xbox still trundles on.

I have to be in a very small percentage who's Playstation has malfunctioned over their Xbox, but it did. The God of War Collection was the final straw for my 40gb model, as it sighed it's last breath, and decided enough was enough. At first I couldn't quite believe it, one of those 'it couldn't happen to me' vibes. But it did, and Sony quite rightly told me it was out of warranty, and would charge to replace it. My beef isn't with that at all, it's the feeling I felt.

A real, bonafide feeling of loss. When it happened, I felt quite disappointed. I can't explain it really, because it scared me a little of how much I'm connected to these little machines. And I bet you're the same. I reckon I'm going to bury this incident deep into my psyche, just like you have. When your Xbox, or your PS3, or your Nintendo Entertainment System broke, I bet you felt JUST the same as me, but have decided to bury that one away.

I could of got it repaired, look at this simple diagram!

It's such a strange feeling, and I'm still experiencing it. I ordered a replacement, and it's coming tomorrow, but that's not the point. The point is, that my Playstation died. Tomorrow, I'll have it to give it to some delivery guy, who'll hand over a strange box, that I have to get used to, and re-download all my saves onto. It arrives, and it's already hassle, unlike my trusty old Playstation that I bought off my cousin, after he won it an arcade.

I don't quite know the point of this post, if I'm honest. It's more a case of therapy I think, some group sharing time. If anyone else has any stories of loss when their little consoles break down, please, share with the group. It helps if we tackle it together...

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  1. This best not curse my little 80Gb baby. How will I watch BBC iPlayer in bed! Bro-hugs for your pain. :(