Monday, 18 October 2010

Hands on with Fallout: New Vegas! Eurogamer Expo Series pt 1!

So I hit up this year's Eurogamer Expo in London with a few fellow nerds, and I’ve got to say it left me with a even bigger itch for all the games I got to play. It feels like I've been waiting form them for years! Im the next few months, they'll be here, but before then I’ll be posting my views on the few games that I’m excited for, and others that have now grabbed my attention more than ever before.

First and most importantly in my gaming timeline for the next few months is the amazing Fallout: New Vegas. From the brief snippet of gameplay I managed to land myself, it looked as amazing. Well, as much as you’d expect a nuclear war torn wasteland to look, but even nicer (if that’s possible).

Whilst it may initially look like a slightly improved Fallout 3, from the off it felt like the formula I loved from the original but new and improved. I tested the new faction system by opening fire on some fiendish, well-dressed ‘Powder gangers’ only to find myself bartering with the nearby settlements guards to let me in because of the murder he just saw me commit. This looks to make the game interesting enough have the player finely balance who they side with. And I didn't even get to explore the story and weapon upgrading system, but it already felt pretty deep.

The guys from Obsidian have managed to snag original members from the first two PC Fallout games, to help with the lore and overall feel of the gam. With it they definitely seem to have given the Fallout universe a new lease of life.

Bleak. Sinister. Special. I can't wait to play more.

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