Sunday, 17 October 2010

Time to wake up and watch the good stuff...PT.1

First off, an apology, it's been a while since i graced these excellent pages with my presence. In between the holiday, change of job and my general lack of self control i admittedly found that i haven't posted in time. Everyone OK...? good.
With that now said it's time to focus on what really matters at the moment, T.V. The good Dr is here to tell you guys and gals what you SHOULD be watching and all the good stuff that's currently being shown (mostly) to our American cousins. These programmes are accessible on Sky, Cable or just a small download away. Most of the major American network sites even let you watch episodes for free so there is NO excuse. ABC, HBO, NBC, AMC and FX for example.
Before we move on to the shows, if you will, permit me a little rant.

Perhaps the strongest reason Ive chosen to post about this is the fact that these shows are good, no not good, Fucking excellent. Sublime, original, heartbreaking and funny. AND NO-ONE WATCHES THEM !! We have had (and still do) produce some of the best T.V programmes around lets not forget that, but what i don't want to see is another celebrity dance-on-ice jungle up your arse show. What I don't understand is when people ask me "Who do you think is gonna win X-factor/ Pop Idol" and my answer is "I don't fucking care, i don't watch TV." They look at me like I've got 3 heads "What do you mean you don't watch TV, you don't know who might win."
BINGO, that ladies and germs is your answer. If this is Television, shitty hand-fed-to-the masses garbage i don't want to watch, i don't need to watch. It's not challenging, not thought provoking, it doesn't make me laugh or cry, so i can't see myself getting attached to some dickhead singing his balls off to a panel of paid-off twats who already know whose going to win. It's not me being elitist or smug (well, a little) but if people like the described programmes then it's all well and good, I'm just saying there is more to T.V than just Pop factor, reality shows and crappy ITV 1 dramas.

And breathe...

This isn't a swipe at just those types of shows, its TV in general. I can't understand why my top picks aren't more popular, they're infinitely more special than any of that tripe.
So prick up your ears, here we go....
I'm currently watching on a weekly basis around 12 new shows, some brand new some with new seasons. A quick list for you and then in part 2 (coming soon) I'll get to the reasons why you NEED to view them. In no particular order -

Boardwalk Empire - Steve Buscemi starring, Terence Winter writing, Scorsese producing. Best show on T.V. 'Nuff said.

Community - The strongest riser on the comedy block, and Chevy Chase BOOM!

30 Rock - Continues to dazzle as the gorgeous Tiny Fey's show gets better and better.

Running Wilde - New show from the creators of Gainboy's fav Arrested Development.

The Office - With the news that Steve Carrell leaves this season, lets hope it stays this strong.

How I Met Your Mother - As season 6 starts, are we finally going to met the mother?

Eastbound and Down - Will ferrell and Adam Mckay produce this darkly funny baseball comedy.

Fringe - With the excellent start to season 3, will Olivia get back ?!

Dexter - Morgan's up shit creek as Season 5 blasts onto our screens, 2nd best show on TV !!

Modern Family - AMAZING disfunctional comedy from Christopher 'Doc Brown' Lloyd.

Outsourced - Brand new, still finding it's feet. Office produced Call centre comedy.

No Ordinary Family - 'The incredibles' meets 'Heroes' with The Shield's Micheal Chiklis.

Danny McBride as washed-up baller Kenny 'Fucking' Powers
in HBO's Eastbound and down.

Take a good look at that list, there are shows above that you MUST begin to watch. In part 2, after more research and episode watching I'll be back to give reasons and a healthy rundown of each show and why it's so damned good.

Turn off the shite-factor and tune into the good stuff
Peace and love
Dr Lucian Sanchez

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