Wednesday, 16 June 2010

E3 2010: so far...

Well, with only 24hrs to go until the electronic entertainment expo closes it's very expensive doors for another year I'm here to give you a 'lil round up of what has captured us so far.
It's been an interesting but not an earth shattering year with 2 new machine unveilings, some suprises (twisted metal and Sony's move) and some real joys (Zelda Skyward and Microsoft's lengthy Kinetic demo.)

Microsoft hit us with the U.K launch date of their new black slim 250gb 360, tasty.
Forza 4 announced WITH Kinetic support,
Fable 3 and Gears 3 got demo'd.
Free ESPN channel for all gold subscribers on live.
Star wars got the Kinetic touch,

Sony got us going with an impressive Move demonstration along with a streetdate and price,
Gran turismo 5 announces 3D support,
Killzone 3 dated for Feb'11,
The fantastic Infamous gets a sequel next year,
The real suprise came when Steam announced it's connection to the PSN, a real suprise considering what Gabe Newell has said about Sony in the past. I see $$$$ !!

Nintendo's 3DS got the show going with it's impressive floor demo, showing off Kid icarus but failing to give a retail date.
GOLDENEYE FOR THE WII !! (I liked the look of it)
Zelda Skyward sword announced for the Wii, along with Motion-controls,
Anyone for a new Mario Sports game - booya thats-a-coming in 2011. Mini games ahoy for the Wii,
A final and solid release date for Metroid Other M in the U.S
New Donkey Kong country rumors were true, Q4 in 2010, nice !!

I'll be back in a couple of days to add some more nuggets of tasty info for you all.
Have a glorious day
The good Dr.

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