Tuesday, 22 June 2010

E3 Roundup 2010: Paralyze-eye-view

So it's a week since e3 2010 kicked off, and the dust is pretty much settled on the show that is picking up it's pace again after it's near demise a few short years ago.

I'm going to pick up where the good Doctor left off, as he's slacking, the slacker.

Now I'm sure everyone's seen the new 360, Kinect, Move, 3DS and all the hardware that the big boys waved around, so I'll stray awy from that and cover the real meat:

Firstly, something that took me by suprise, and will make a lot of fanboys start salivating with glee, is the reveal of the Warhammer 40,000 MMO: Dark Millenium Online. Not a lot of info released, but from what you can see in the trailer, players can explore on foot and in vehicles. The info I've dug up says that they are going for a traditional MMO style, with quests and NPC enemies, but multiple playable races and PvP are a certainty.

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