Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sonic Finally Does Some Good

Sonic, apparently, is currently celebrating his 19th birthday. I've never really cared for the little fella, but Sega have. And to celebrate this year, they're having a sale on some of their Megadrive and Genesis classics, but now in brand-new iPhone and iPod touch flavours. I never knew these games were available previously to this mega deal, but now they've shot up the paid apps chart, and are magnificent, I mean really good.

That's right, they've put Streets of Rage on an iPhone. What an incredible idea! Most of my problems with iPhone games involve the fact that the reactions and accurate button presses that are required simply don't convert to the iPhone. Sega, with their gaming pedigree, have seen to it that this isn't even distinctly a problem. The D-Pad is fantastically responsive, and the button-presses feel fair and real. The only thing I could even possibly suggest is moving to this view, so your fat fingers don't conceal enemies:

It also looks a little crisper. Which isn't a problem in the first place anyway. It's delightful, a faithful remake that looks better than it ever has. Oh, and did I mention Golden Axe? They've got Golden Axe, too. And the price? 59p. FIFTY-NINE PENCE, for Golden Axe. All them early adopters who paid £60 for it 15 years ago are crying into their Amigas now.

I really can't recommend these games enough. After the little-disappointing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, these were a welcome addition to my little iPhone, and have suddenly made breaktime at work a whole new experience. I just hope I can stop shouting at the police cars outside to give me backup and fire their RPG.

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