Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Darksiders The Force...

I'm normally really positive with my critique. Say the bad things, then mention the good. Mention the game's shortcomings, but also suggest how it could improve, and how it could be something brilliant. Basically a school report. But christ, Darksiders is APPALLING.

For a game with such enticing subject matter, they manage to make it so, so bland. The game is all about killing and collecting souls, but collecting all the souls in the world couldn't help this game acquire its own. It feels like such a clone, such a drawn-out obvious attempt at parting day-one purchasers and gullible impulse-buyers from money that could be spent on other, more heartfelt games.

Seriously, this is dire. This game came out the same day as Bayonetta, and for all intensive purposes, they might as well of come out in different dimensions. It's a good job I only rented this game, as it makes my Xbox cry.

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