Monday, 17 May 2010

Please Dismantling The Radio

The best things in life are free, they say, and sometimes you stumble across a little indie flash number that is just that. Today I had the pleasure of spending a few hours playing the Dismantlement series of games from - a nice little series of mind games in which you have to dismantle a series of objects using only a screwdriver and puzzle solving skills.

With this in mind, the game is known (cleverly enough) as "Dismantlement".

The principle is simple, solve the puzzles to be able to remove parts of the object, which in turn allow you to remove other parts, until you find the surprise the fiendish object maker has left behind in the middle of the thing. There are currently (to the best of my knowledge) five of these games, and they're reminiscent of the old room escape puzzles (which also had me totally hooked).

The first four have proved challenging enough to be entertaining, but all soluble in a reasonable time frame, and really classify as pleasant distractions, just keeping your brain ticking over - the kind of puzzle you can have a go at when you're trying to solve a real problem and it and it puts the solving of that real problem into a co-processor - so you can get your brain working on this and suddenly EUREKA you've come up with the answer to the thing you're distracting yourself from. Here they are:

Alarm Clock
Tea Canister

The final one, however, The Fan. This has got me tearing my hair out. I bet it's actually really simple and when I crack it I'll be kicking myself. Until then, I'll have to find ANOTHER fiendish puzzle so I can drop THIS one into co-processor mode ;)

The Fan

Anyways, in summary, this is a nice lightweight way to while away an idle half hour, some less, some more. The gaming equivalent of grabbing a sudoku book for a long train journey, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. Give it a go, it's strangely peaceful, and you'll be pleased with yourself every time you finish one.

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  1. good lord if i aint addicted to this

    even if i'm rubbish

    I'm stuck at the mouse one, I cant get that bottom piece off

    I couldnt even make one move on the tea machine and fan ones