Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Skate 3: Final Thoughts

Okay, so after almost a week with the game, and with some achievements scored and boards flipped, I feel like I can say sommert that makes some kind of sense. Haha, making sense, that's the aim, but let's see!

So the game itself is actually very similar to Skate 2. All the same frameworks are in there, the same challenges, the same attitude, and the same vibe. So much so, it feels somewhat more like an add-on pack, than a new game. A few new areas, a new trick, and some new challenges- 1200 ms points, and we're done. But strangely, I still don't feel cheated.

Skate 3 is an excellent excercise in fun and compulsive gaming. I don't think I've ever played a game in which I've been so satisfied with the idea of repetition. If I find a particular rail or stair gap I really enjoy hitting, I'll set my track marker down, and hit the spot over and over and over and over and over. Just like it's predecessor, this game can only survive on it's terrain. A good skate game is all about the level design. And I'm pleased to say that here we have clever, flowing areas, with all the fun of previous spots from previous games.

After some serious thought, I've reached the conclusion that yes, it is Skate 2.5. But, to be honest, anyone buying this game fully knows this, and accepts it. I was under no illusion that this game would be anything but, but I love it for it. No ridiculous Tony Hawk's style progression. No 1080 spins off a kerb, just the same honest gameplay, with some inspired new parks and areas, and new challenges to tackle.

If it ain't broke, then it soon will be when you
start doing them Hall of Meat challenges.

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