Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gainboy Says Thankyou: A Competition!

Ok, so we started a Facebook group, to get the word out, and to let people know about our lovely little blog. I (BrapScallion) foolishly thought it wouldn't get anywhere, and so as a bit of a laugh mentioned running a competition if we got to the 200 fan mark. I thought it was impossible, and that it would take almost forever, if we ever got there at all. We did it in just over a day. Incredible. Thankyou SO much to everyone who's supported us, who reads us, and all the awesome people currently contributing. We're having an absolute ball, and love that people are complementing the site, and digging it. So I got a prize, and now we're going to have a competition. It would be rude not to give a game away, wouldn't it? Fancy winning this?

My personal game of 2009, and one of my favourite games of all time. We're giving away the absolute masterpiece that is Assasin's Creed 2, on Xbox 360. If you haven't played it before, then here's the perfect chance, to play it for absolutely free.

The game is a masterpiece. Cast any aspersions you may have from playing the original away, this game is amazing. The designers took on all the criticisms from the original game, and built a sequel that surpasses it in every way. A compelling story, brilliant gameplay and the most gorgeous scenery in any game ever, this is a real treat. And we're giving it away. For absolutely nothing. Nadda. Zilch. NOWT!!!!

So how do you win this? Simple! Become a fan of us on Facebook if you're not already (Click the handy box on the right if you're not) and answer this question by posting on Gainboy's Wall. It couldn't be simpler! The winner will be announced next Friday, and will recieve this fantastic game. So the question? It's a tough one:

Do you want Assassin's Creed 2?

Remember, post your answer on the Gainboy Facebook wall, and you can win this stunning piece of Italian Assassin Action. Who says we don't look after you?

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