Sunday, 7 March 2010

Whedon, we salute you!

MAMA MIA! I just love T.V at the moment, not just for the new wave of U.S comedies. I'm rediscovering some gems i haven't watched for a while.

Currently chomping down on (for only the 2nd time), the whole first (and last) season of the awesome space western - Firefly. Created and written by Joss 'I have done other things, bar Buffy!' Whedon.

Aihhhh, forgot how good it is, if you haven't witnessed this classic piece of cult T.V, STUPID YOU! A Question? Do you like Space, Guns, Hot soon-to-be-terminators, men called Jayne and agood 'ol fashion smuggling story? Yes, well this is for you. Great characters, great wrting and of course it spawned the brilliant 'Revenge of the Sith' crushing Serenity.

Next week me thinks i'll do the same right here for Deadwood.

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