Monday, 22 March 2010

God of War III: EPIC

Ok, so I rented it on Saturday (Too skint to buy it at the moment), and I've just completed it. And lordy LORDY, what a ride.

The game is magnificent. A true triumph in cinematic videogaming. I'm a novice to the franchise, with this being my first God of War experience. Mental I know, but they were released at a time I was at University, and only played Mario Kart, and got drunk playing it. A LOT. But I digress.

The game is excellent. Truly, truly brilliant. A tight, well-guided experience, with true cinematic vision. Enough to make me talk about it so excitedly. Every single shot in the game, from FMV's to in-game stuff is all perfectly shot, like film shot. Like when Tarantino pulls off an angle that makes you step back and actually think about it? Yeah, like that. I found myself in awe, frantically trying to keep up with the cinematic techniques and amazing tricks being thrown at me.

Similarly with the plot, this game is film-class. A twisting, intricate plot that thrusts the story along with sharp dialogue, intricate lore and excellent speech. In computer games, we often aspire to that gold standard, that the game is like a film.

Well, this game IS a film.

So sharp in it's visual style, so excellent in it's crassness and wonderfully violent, this game really is something else.

I'm sure other game sites are going to gush on about the gameplay being as impeccable and addictive as it is, and your friends will recount in gruesome detail just how that Centaur's guts come spilling out of the floor, but I want to put across the visual aspect and plot of it. The real meat and gravy of the game. Dante's Inferno was flawless in it's gameplay, but with a game of this category, it's not hard. Santa Monica studios know this, and have made a game that is astonishing. Truly, and utterly. Blockbuster have shitloads of copies to rent, so whatever it takes, get on it. For god sakes, steal a Playstation, you need to. This game really is sensational.

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